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Facility management

The Facility Management service offered by scientia srl ​​for the integrated management of civil and industrial structures, such as building works and technological systems, is aimed at improving efficiency and at obtaining a management economy for the clients. The scientia srl ​​can in fact take care of the maintenance of:

  • Air-conditioning systems;
  • Sanitary water systems;
  • Fire-fighting systems;
  • Electrical and special systems;
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration plants;
  • Photovoltaic and solar thermal plants;
  • Thermal Power Plants;
  • Paintings, doors and fixtures;
  • Technical flooring, sewers;
  • Signage, green areas;
  • General building works;

The scientia srl ​​is able to propose organizational, control and engineering actions that aim to optimize procedures, reduce costs, integrate activities and improve the management of real estate assets. Furthermore, according to the needs of the client and the type of structure managed, energy redevelopment interventions can be identified. This above all to maximize the management and maintenance economy.
The activities related to the management of buildings and plants require careful planning of work, based on information from diversified sources (users, operators, technicians, etc.) and concerning the building, its functions and its technical installations. Only by collecting and monitoring these data, in fact, it is possible to define the service model, the intensity of the actions to be prepared and the necessary budget.
To perform these steps in the best way, scientia srl ​​uses specific software with which it processes and manages the technical-functional data, planning the most efficient activities and solutions, with particular attention to the containment of energy consumption.