Scientia srl ​​is born from the union of professional technicians with a consolidated experience in the following sectors:

  • General Technological Systems;
  • Renewable energies;
  • Civil and Industrial Building Works;
  • Maintenances and Facility Management;

Scientia srl ​​aims to be a qualified company by associating technical skills with managerial culture, combining effective and efficient management in full compliance with the rules of its target market.

The company’s operational objective is to comply with contractual requirements and in particular it is aimed at delivering a “finished product” that meets the needs of the client and the end user.

This objective must be achieved by maintaining the competitiveness of its prices with respect to the market and by pursuing, where possible, the necessary economic profit.

Scientia srl ​​carries out its activities ensuring full coordination of each development phase in the turnkey construction of general construction and plant engineering, from analysis to executive design, from work organization to construction and maintenance for a solution that is always complete and timely . Scientia srl ​​operates in full compliance with current European regulations and provides its services mainly in the following contexts:

  • Public and private works (residential, educational, cultural centers, sports facilities, facilities to support large infrastructures);
  • Hospitals, health facilities and wellness;
  • Business and management centers;
  • Hotel complexes;

Boasting significant references in Italy and abroad, Scientia srl ​​wants to be the concrete answer to the many technical and administrative requirements that the vast building sector requires as a true partner for public and private clients.

The company, thanks to the young age of its managers is characterized by a strong dynamism of ideas and design. With this spirit, in every work realized, Scientia srl ​​combines innovation in the design and the competence of a work team with proven technical experience.